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Upside Down Vol. 2 - WITH TRACKING

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Upside Down Zine Vol. 2 is a publication dedicated to every tattoo lover and enthusiast.
A number full of new contributions, artworks and exclusive interviews!
290 pages of original contents and photos
+ 32 contributions from all over the world
+ more than 15 artworks created for the zine

Alice Totemica | Andre Cast | Anna Sandberg | Arianna Fusini | Austin Maples | Avalon Todaro | Becca Genné-Bacon | Ben Mc Queen | Daniel Lacalle | Danielle Rose | Giulia Bongiovanni | Guen Douglas | Guido GB | Henry Hablak | Iris Lys | Jessica O. | Leonie New | Luca Font | Matt Andersson | Prestileo | Rebecca Vincent | Rio | Santu Horisada | Tato Toby | Thomas Jüptner | Vale Lovette

Big Henry | Brody Polinsky | Chad Koeplinger | Fabrice Cokney | Samuele Briganti | Savannah Colleen

Editing, Ilaria Pauletti | Graphic design and layout, Alessio Moretto
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Shipping costs regard shippings WITH tracking code.
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